Senin, 17 November 2014

Tips for a wedding picture and Formal group portraits

Photographing for formal weddings can be very tedious and stressful for all parties involved.


 The part of the day both the guests and the photographer often want to overcome as quickly as possible. Friends and family will want to enjoy the cocktail with others. The bride and groom are tired of the long standing and eager to get some rest before the reception. Can anyone blame them?
Sometimes I have been asked to go, even formally, in the hope that guests from the stress and chaos that can sometimes occur during the formal meeting, avoided. Although not everyone can enjoy this experience, it is also understandable that taking formal photographs is an essential part of wedding photography. Here's how memories are preserved. This is a beautiful way for a bride to remind your family for many, many years; in their state of happiness. Therefore, the challenge for the photographer is to ensure that the time allotted for formal portraits efficiently and as quickly as possible, so spent. In the eyes of the guests at the wedding, a photographer is a miracle, a control freak and a very sweet person who can turn a very difficult session in something magical. So, my dear friends, magicians, let's get to it. You are the expert, and what to do next?
There are steps you can take to achieve your goal and to keep everyone happy on his clock. The first step would be to ensure that the clock goes more than 30 minutes for each formal meeting.
1 Discuss with the bride and groom before the wedding. Do your research and learn the topic, know before. Granted, there is no way for you to get to know many people at once. So start early and talk to the bride and groom during the consultation session. Find out what their expectations for formal portraits and how many people participate. Sometimes it is easier to get a picture of a list of family members in addition to the bride and groom. Ask the bride to tell your family that there is a point during the wedding (if the exact date, that would be very useful known), when asked to be photographed. Keep all information will help you to gather people around efficiently. Always be sure to ask the couple if there is anything you need to know about your family and have a strategy designed to take care of potential problems.
Usually close family, to realize obvious to you. Go around them, being a regular visitor and interact with them before the formal, so you are "familiar" to them. Let's talk to guests and to meet and have fun while you steal to be photographed some of them. In this way everyone can all the time, either a compound by you or other guests. It will only help get these warm feelings of course, easy.
Also, keep in mind that you do not have to adapt to each guest in a formal meeting. Distant family and friends can be photographed along the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.
2. Topics help you to relax. People often feel intimidated by the photographers and their large cameras. And then there are the bags that hang from the shoulders, with some of us to D3 and Mark IV big giants of 70-200. Bullying at best ... I think to be honest, my subjects helps me relax very easily. Talk to them and communicates that he shoot with a gun, but did not. It is not dangerous, do not bite or bark at people, and as big bazooka tool that is provided only in your hands to make them look fabulous. That's right - no joke! This also allows the sincerity of his subjects to shine and lets you connect with them on a different emotional level.
3. Making good use of the bridesmaid ... and / or second shooter. That's it!Often these lovely ladies of the family or are very close to the wedding party person. With its help, you can quickly bring people together and use it as a reference when you need names and customer information. If a bridesmaid, aunt is a great "go to" lady. Second shooters or assistants come in very handy during formal meetings, too. With proper training can help organize groups to be photographed (look for Grandma and Grandpa decided to go for a ride before the reception, you will find a guy in the bar, etc..) They can help you to establish and maintain their lights, reflectors, etc. His second shooter must not take pictures with you too formal, as it often directs all.
4.Spotting a good location with great light. Normally, should a quick look at the area of ​​the wedding ceremony and reception enough for a small corner to use as a background suitable for formal to write. Do it, because of it. Beyond the current session The morning light will not be the same, not be the same in the afternoon and evening light during and after sunset.
You should try to find a nice soft place with sunlight to illuminate the subject. If a place does not work for some reason, a patio / covered gazebo or a room with large windows may be good potential candidates for the session.
5.His take on the list to a journalistic approach to photography. If you're a storyteller, you can shoot all subjects without notice or without orchestration. Always be ready and roll away when you see a moment. Catch the excitement and love every second of it.
6 leaves from large to small. Start with a large group of people and limits the group, as you shoot along, so that the closest relatives to photograph the last - which is usually more patience than others. It is much easier for everyone to gather for a group photo at the beginning of the session. You do not want people to wait too long on the side when taking photos of other people.